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Susan's story: Mid South gravel race

BaseCamp member Susan Gillen shared her experience at the 2023 Mid South gravel race in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The Mid South Gravel 100 did not disappoint! A few mechanical problems slowed me down (looking at you stuck shifting cable), and I beefed it on the single track, but I made through to the finish with a massive smile on my face.

Rode with Will and Scott for the first few miles until I realized that their party pace was more mosh pit than mine, so we bid farewell and I made new friends along the course: Ryan (who helped me with a hopelessly jammed chain), Andy (a roadside angel who gave me water and let me recharge by petting his sweet dogs), Levi (my new BFF at SRAM who worked his magic with my stubborn shifting cable so I could eke out a few more gears), and all the other riders I had the privilege to share the day with. Feeling all the Mid South love!

Thank you Base Camp for getting me to the finish line!


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