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Michelle's story: Huffmaster Hopper Mixed Terrain Race

Michelle is a 2022 BaseCamp member who shared her experience at the Huffmaster Hopper event. Way to go, Michelle!

Wow! What a good day on the bike yesterday.

I went into this race with a TSB of 19. Respecting our rest week and the benefits of "really resting" I did my best to warm up and wake all those systems that shut down while I rested. Felt pretty good at the start. Stayed with the hroup for about 8 miles. Once we started on that first gravel section, I fell back. Luckily I was able to bridge to one other rider and we worked together for 15+ miles in the wind and flat section of the course.

Control "the controllables." For me that was nutrition and hydration. I managed this pretty well. I made sure to eat at least 300 calories per hour and drink electrolytes/water as well. I use a Racerbak made by CamelBak. It's a vest that holds a hydration pack and is worn under my jersey.

The Long Route is 89 miles. There was a cutoff point at 53 miles. Riders had to be at that point before 1:45 p.m. That was my main goal so I could complete the Long Route. BAM!! Did it.

I'm finally feeling the benefits of those long endurance rides on Sundays. As the race progressed I took opportunities to narrow my odds in passing riders by ramping up on climbs.

I did need to manage a start of a cramp in my right quadricep. I like pickle juice and Trace Minerals electrolyte shots. That seemed to work. Whew!!

What I noticed being the most sore or uncomfortable at the last 5 miles were my arms, especially my triceps. It took all of my might to just hold onto those handle bars. LOL 😂

The finish was new for this year. It had 5 + extra miles of flat gravel.

My official time for the course was 6 hours 56 minutes. That includes stopping at both rest stops and to get the cramp situation under control.

Thank you for reading!

Next Grasshopper Series event is March 27!


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