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In-Season training options

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We've had an amazing winter of training together, and now we're ready to do something great with our fitness. Whether you need ideas for goal events or continued coaching along the way (or both), we have lots of great options for you!

Training Options

Private Coaching: $279+ per month

Work directly with a BaseCamp coach to pursue your dream goals and achieve the highest possible success! Read more about our coaching here.

  • One-on-one relationship with your coach

  • Historical and ongoing data analysis and plan adjustment to ensure you achieve your goals

  • Fully-custom training plan focused on your goals and working around your schedule

  • Direct, ongoing communication with your coach through biweekly meetings, phone calls, texts, or other communication

  • Advanced data analysis using WKO5 and TrainingPeaks to provide clear training targets and goals

  • Free TrainingPeaks Premium account


How it works:

  • Complete this short information survey and schedule a free consult with Coach Kathy Watts to learn more about our coaching services and get recommendations

  • Coach Kathy will connect you with coaches to interview

  • You'll chat with the recommended coaches and choose the one you want to work with

Training Options

Nutrition Options

Nutrition Assessment on Demand: $79

Coach Namrita has developed this nutrition assessment to provide on-demand recommendations for meeting your nutrition-related goals. Here's what it includes:

  • Your daily estimated energy needs (calories per day) for different types of training days, calculated using an average of evidence-based predictive equations

  • Your evidence-based daily macronutrient needs for each type of training day (and rest days) to optimize health, training, and performance

  • Your energy availability (EA) estimates for each type of training day (and rest days) and related education on the importance of EA

  • Actionable tips to optimize your daily diet

  • Visual guides on building meals to support different training days

  • Suggestions for including more protein in your diet

  • Recommendations for timing nutrition intake to support training, recovery, satiety, and body composition goals, given for each type of training day (light to moderate to heavy)

  • Carbohydrate recommendations for fueling before, during, and after exercise

  • Education and suggestions around plant-based foods for improving nutrient intake

  • Hydration recommendations based on your sweat rate (this requires completing a one-hour sweat test)

How it works:

  • Once you purchase, we'll send you a link to an online form to fill out.

  • Once you submit the form, you'll receive an email with your personalized recommendations

For the most complete and accurate results, you'll need a recent body composition measurement (such as a DEXA scan, skinfold measurement, bod pod, or results from a bioelectrical impedance step-on scale). If you don’t have this, you can still complete the assessment without it and later redo the analysis with body composition at no extra charge. 


If you need further guidance after reviewing your results, Namrita is available for 30- to 60-minute consultations. 

Strength Options

Premade Strength Plans

If you'd like to continue your strength training from BaseCamp through the summer and don't need regular coaching feedback, the pre-made personalized strength program is exactly what you need! 

  • Built in Training Peaks so you can easily load it to your calendar

  • Program is yours to keep forever to reuse as you like

We can help you find your next step!

Fill out this form, and we'll send you our recommendation for what we believe could be the next step in accomplishing your goals this season.

What percentage of your BaseCamp workouts were you able to consistently complete?
During the last eight weeks of BaseCamp, how many hours a week did you train?
What type of training support are you most interested in?
How do you do your workouts? Please select all that apply.
Which of the following do you have? Please select all that apply.
What are you training for? Please select all that apply.
What types of events do you participate in? Please select all that apply.
What would you like to accomplish with your training? Please select all that apply.
How many weekly hours can you usually train during the spring and summer?
What devices or methods do you use to collect training data? Please select all that apply.
Next Steps Survey

Not sure which option is right for you? Schedule a free consult with Kathy!

Kathy Watts
Coach Coordinator

Kathy has been a USAC coach for ten years and specializes in masters athletes. She is a power coach working with WKO and TrainingPeaks analytics, and she handles all the initial athlete consults and placements in the BaseCamp coaching program.

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