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What's next after BaseCamp?


We've had a breakthrough winter base season training together, and now we're ready to do something with our fitness! What are your plans? If you need some suggestions, we've got you covered. Scroll down to read about resources and events from BaseCamp, Rebecca Rusch, and Menachem Brodie.

Not all of our coaches are available for each option. We encourage you to plan your next steps as soon as possible, as spots are limited and we want to make sure you're able to secure the support and resources you need. 

By the way, don't forget to reserve your spot in the next session of BaseCamp! And if you were happy with your coaches this year, you can tip them here

BaseCamp Options

Private Coaching
$279-499+ per month
30 spots available

Work directly with a BaseCamp coach to pursue your dream goals and achieve the highest possible success! 

  • One-on-one relationship with coach

  • Ongoing data analysis and plan adjustment to ensure you achieve your goals

  • Fully-custom training plan focused on your goals and working around your schedule

  • Direct, ongoing communication with your coach through biweekly meetings, phone calls, texts, or other communication

  • Ongoing data analysis with TrainingPeaks and WKO


How it works:

  • Complete this short information survey and schedule a free consult with Coach Kathy Watts.

  • Learn more about our coaching services and get go forward recommendations.

  • Coach Kathy connects you with coaches to interview

  • Talk with the coaches and choose the one you want to work with


Fully Custom Block Plan
$400 for 8-12-week plan
20 spots available

If one-on-one coaching isn't in the cards and you have a lot of events to navigate, a fully-custom 8-12-week plan may be just what you need; let a BaseCamp coach create a custom plan for your busy season.

How it works:

  • Complete our next steps survey below

  • Coach Kathy will recommend a coach

  • Meet with your coach (30 minutes) to review your training and formulate a strategy for your custom plan

  • The coach builds 8-12 weeks of training and loads them in your TrainingPeaks calendar

  • Meet with your coach to review your new plan (30 minutes)

  • Meet with the coach (30 minutes) 2-3 weeks into the plan for questions or minor adjustments


Please note: This option does not include ongoing plan edits; additional consulting time can be purchased for $100/hour.


Customized Pre-Built Training Plan
$200, plus cost of plan
40 spots available

Are you building for a particular event? Are you considering a pre-made plan but have schedule changes, group rides, etc. that you'd like to add? A BaseCamp coach can customize a pre-existing training plan to fit your early-season 8- to 12-week training cycles and focus on your event or race goals. The coach can also offer advice and recommendations to make the plan as effective for you as possible.


How it works:

  • Complete our next steps survey below and receive a plan recommendation from Coach Kathy

  • Purchase your chosen plan

  • Meet online with your coach (30 minutes) to share details and formulate a plan strategy

  • The coach edits the training plan you purchased with the info from the meeting

  • Meet briefly with your coach to review the plan

BaseCamp Options

Coach Training Review
22 spots available

A coach can review your training history and data and provide an overall assessment of your training and progress. It's a great way to understand what you have done and what you need to work on during the upcoming season.

How it works:

  • Fill out our consultation questionnaire and provide 2-3 questions

  • Meet online (30 minutes) with the coach to share initial details

  • The coach reviews your data and creates a short presentation

  • Meet online (30 minutes) with the coach to learn his/her findings

  • Additional consulting with the same coach can be purchased at $100/hour (a minimum of 2 hours is required)


Pre-Made Training Plan
$59-79+ per plan
Unlimited availability

Get on board with one (or more) of Coach Tim's specially-built training plans to conquer your events, races, or other goals. Now that you understand the basics of training, it's easy to make your own adjustments and keep your fitness rolling throughout the summer, on point for your big events.

How it works:

  • Complete our training plan survey and receive Coach Kathy's personal plan recommendation

  • Purchase your chosen plan and load it to your TrainingPeaks account

  • Simply follow the plan

Rebecca's Private Idaho
Rebecca's Private Idaho
August 31-September 3

Join Rebecca in Sun Valley for the in-person event or ride remotely in your hometown! The Sun Valley event offers one-day races in addition to the three-day stage race, which sells out quickly each year. 

RPI_Logo_Full Color_basecamp-square.png
RPI BaseCamp
July 3-September 3

Train with Rebecca and Coach Tim for eight weeks as we prepare for RPI! The BaseCamp RPI program includes features very similar to our standard BaseCamp program:

  • 8-week customized training plan

  • Monthly webinars

  • Private Facebook group

  • Fully-supported training community

  • Pro coaching team

  • Support for planning and executing your ride, whether in Sun Valley or remotely

  • Training starts July 3

We can help you find your next step!

Fill out this form, and we'll send you our recommendation for what we believe could be the next step in accomplishing your goals after BaseCamp.

What percentage of your BaseCamp workouts were you able to consistently complete?
During the last eight weeks of BaseCamp, how many hours a week did you train?
What type of training support are you most interested in?
How do you do your workouts? Please select all that apply.
Which of the following do you have? Please select all that apply.
What are you training for? Please select all that apply.
What types of events do you participate in? Please select all that apply.
What would you like to accomplish with your training? Please select all that apply.
How many weekly hours can you usually train during the spring and summer?
What devices or methods do you use to collect training data? Please select all that apply.
Next Steps Survey

Not sure which option is right for you? Schedule a free consult with Kathy!


Kathy Watts
Coach Coordinator

Kathy has been a USAC coach for ten years and specializes in masters athletes. She is a power coach working with WKO and TrainingPeaks analytics, and she handles all the initial athlete consults and placements in the BaseCamp coaching program.

Strength Training and Nutrition Options

Personalized Strength Training Coaching

  • Includes full virtual movement screen for new clients (done on your own at home)

  • 4-month minimum contract

  • 30-minute live screen-share review of your movement screen
  • Personalized strength training program built around your cycling/triathlon program
  • Programming delivered by HVTraining app
  • Training adjusted for life as needed
  • Weekly feedback on videos
  • Regular contact via HVTraining app and email, with phone call check-ins
  • $649/month (28-day billing cycles)

Personalized Strength Training Coaching + On-Bike Program

  • 4-month minimum contract

  • $799/month (28-day billing cycles)


One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

  • Learn to periodize your nutrition with your training

  • Optimize your energy availability and body composition without sacrificing nutrients, energy, health performance, lean mass, or metabolism

  • Meet your energy needs by making better choices in food combinations and portion sizes

  • $599+ per month (price is based on assessment); a 3-month commitment  is recommended


Integrated Endurance & Nutrition Coaching

​If you're looking for nutrition coaching integrated with your triathlon or cycling training, Namrita can do both! Your coaching and nutrition plan is completely customized to your goals, schedule, and needs. No cookie cutter plans here.

  • Includes all the features of one-on-one coaching detailed above

  • Includes all the features of one-on-one nutrition coaching detailed to the left

  • You'll also receive Namrita's endurance nutrition guide

  • $399-479 per month

Strength & Nutrition
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