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Mike's story: Indiana Senior Games

BaseCamp coached athlete Mike Adsit shared his experience at the 2024 Indiana Senior Games.

Finished the Indiana Senior Games with a Bronze in the 20k road race. Coach Jim Pomeroy and I decided to pass on the 10k TT since yesterday qualified me for both TT events in National Senior Games in 25. Sort of glad I did, the road race was hard and fast.

For anyone interested, the National Senior Games are held every two years. Ages 55+, in 5-year age increments. Four cycling events. 12k athletes attend in 22 sports. The biggest masters athlete venue in the world. Last year there were 47 bike racers in my 70-74 division.

Thanks again to my BaseCamp community! Grateful! California Bike Camp is up next. Super excited for the camp that Jill Gass has organized.


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