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Lola's story: Dirty Mitten and a successful season

BaseCamper Lola Faleix shared her win at the 2023 Dirty Mitten gravel bike race and photos from other events this season.

I want to say thank you to all the Base Camp coaches, especially Kate Johnson. I just raced my final race of the 2023 season this past Saturday and was the second overall women at the Dirty Mitten. This was the first time I made overall podium, so this was a big first for me, and I know it's because all of the training I did with BaseCamp. I had a fun and very successful 2023 season and learned so much along the way. Thank you, Kate, I couldn't have done it without you.

  • 1st Women 60-69 Dirty Mitten

  • 2nd place Overall Woman at The Dirty Mitten (the 1st place winner is 20-years young and I’m 63!!)

  • 1st place Michigan Senior Olympics 5k TT, 10k TT, 20k Road Race, Women 60-65

  • 1st place Dirty 30 women 60-69

  • 4th place finisher at UCI Gravel World Series Women 60-64

  • Winner of Waterford Worlds Presented By Basemedia Racing Women’s series

  • 3rd place at Debaets-Devos State Champ Crit


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