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Ken's story: Tour de France ride

BaseCamper Ken Carl shared his experience riding the Tour de France route.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch

Where can BaseCamp take you? Today I am more convinced than ever the answer is just about anywhere you want to go. A few weeks ago my wonderful wife Cindy and I had the lifetime joy of riding the mountains of the Tour De France and watching the peloton on the same roads just a few hours later. In this brief sharing, it is impossible to convey the depth of effort followed by the bright heart strengthening of climbing those legendary peaks with confidence. A confidence created though BaseCamp and the incredible coaching of Kathy Watts. For me this has been a season of ascending peaks beyond my imagination just a year ago. Without hyperbole, all the sharing, caring, and healing energy our BaseCamp community so freely gifted… I carried all of that on each climb, let it shine on the heart-racing deserts, and with a smile rolling through the valleys, past the church, cows with their bells, and the so very French countryside.

There was a single unique opportunity to stand on the official podium at stage 18, and there was no doubt which team jersey I would be wearing.


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