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BaseCamp strong at Cow Pie Classic

BaseCampers share their experience at the 2024 Cow Pie Classic in Michigan.

Amy Fowler

I went to Michigan with Allie Pope Burger to meet up with Tracy, Nancy, Beth, and Ken to race in the Cow Pie Classic gravel race. It was a great weekend of good people and great racing!

Beth Huffaker

So proud of our BaseCamp crew! There are a lot of medals in the house tonight!! Tracy wins the age group and Nancy takes third! Amy takes second in the long haul age group and Allie wins the Athena category for the long haul! Ken, John and I all put in respectable efforts! It was and a blast! Having the BaseCamp crew along was the cherry on top!!

Ken asked us to name one thing we love about BaseCamp, without hesitation, we all immediately said, "The community, this right here!" I hope we can all continue to plan these meetups across the country in the years to come because they are special!!

Ken Carl

Cow Pie Team Base Camp 2024. We came from all directions with different goals and high hopes to Ionia, Michigan. Tracy and John arrived first. Soon over the next 24 hours the house was to be filled with bicycles, smiles, hugs, and friends. We came together for a race, yet I deeply believe it was for the community, which has become the foundation of "team BaseCamp."

Friday began with the classic course check ride. We kicked up some gravel, grumbled up the climbs, and in the end concluded that race day will be a fine day. Dinner that evening was a joyful affair. Everyone brought something delicious to the table. I could only wish every pre-race meal was this nourishing for both body and soul. John sent us to our dreams with several songs relaxing our pre-race thoughts.

Race day. Cool and perfect. A quiet awaking. John had the coffee ready for a very appreciative slowly awaking racers. The race course start was about a half mile away and the warmup course just 100 yards away. Could not be better. I pulled on my BaseCamp race kit, the green and gray explore kit, a favorite of Tim Cusick. That thought brought a smile. Finished by slipping on the bright yellow race socks. Yep. Could not be better.

Everyone had a smile, proper pre-race excitement, and many words of encouragement. I arrived at the start line, took off my helmet for the national anthem, and under a perfect blue sky morning watched the elite race start. My pre-race started with a selfie including fellow mate John Keepers. He was to go on and win his age group. My plan of staying with him ended before it started. He flew off the line with a serious mission and 300 plus watts. I could only wish watching him crest the second hill. I next saw him post race.

For me it was the classic tale of two cities. The best of days, the not best of days. Yet I finished 4th in my category. The brightest moment was having our teammates cheering and clapping as I neared the finish line. I could hear them 200 meters away. I got into my best race position, hands in the drops, jersey zipped up and what I hoped was a smile on my face.

The soul glow of that moment was only eclipsed by the knowledge that many of our team did stand proud on the podium. First, second, and third places popping like fire works.

A wonderful evening of wine, stories and the good stuff of life brought this Base Camp chapter to a close. With joy filled anticipation I look forward to the next chapter.

A special thank you for coach Kathy Watts for preparing me to succeed and for all pre race messages of encouragement.

Nancy Mizak

It was an awesome day! Thanks to our amazing coach Liz Inglese!

Tracy Gravlin

I feel so very fortunate to have been a part of this group! Time spent together was priceless. The support limitless! Laughs, race stories, life stories, great food and snacks…..oh how we have all bonded through Basecamp! I am still on a Cowpie weekend buzz!


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