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Week 15 Training Preview

This is overreach week! We will have tired legs, but the power is in us to finish the workouts strong. Tuesday and Saturday are designed to put us over our threshold, and Thursday is the medium-intensity workout to balance the week. Let's use what we learned in the previous fourteen weeks to make this a great week! Let's push hard and be uncomfortable. We are stronger than we think!

Learning: Fit to Fast - Specificity

As we near the end of our BaseCamp season and our general aerobic base training, we're ready to begin to train more specifically toward our individual goals. The engine is built, and this cycle is prepping us to be able to really push power at the top end. How do we transfer this fitness into being fast in our target events? It will look different depending on the demands of our upcoming goal events, but our training now needs to become more specific; in other words, it needs to better match the demands of our targets.

Week Objectives

  • Push more power on Tuesday. Don't be afraid of this; work the middle or last two intervals hard.

  • Make the weekend big! If you have a local race, get out for it. If you have more time on Sunday, extend your long ride.

  • Overreach!

Coach Tips

  • Finish this week strong.

  • Try not to get too high or low mentally. The overreach week can be hard, and you might feel amazing one day and terrible the next; that's okay!

  • Put everything you've learned in the previous overreach weeks together this week.


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