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Week 12 Training Preview

This week we rest, and rest hard! It's important that we commit to true rest and recovery for three days, allowing our bodies to absorb the work from the last cycle and begin to regenerate. We'll test again later in the week. Remember, testing is not a referendum on you; we are practicing how to get ready to perform and how to be uncomfortable, practicing pushing ourselves for twenty minutes, and checking in on our fitness level after the third training cycle.

Learning: The Importance of Rest

It is important to both work hard and rest hard. The performance gains we are chasing will only happen if we properly cycle rest into our weeks (Mondays) and in between our training cycles (rest weeks). Going deeper, the same idea needs to be applied between seasons. As we saw on the G.A.S. diagram, without rest we will simply plateau or, worse, go off the edge into nonfunctional training and eventually overtraining.

Week Objectives

  • Rest!

  • Be intentional with body care. We worked hard. Even if you don't feel anything, there will be some extra tightness; take time to release, stretch, massage, roll, etc., from neck to toes.

  • Review your notes from your last two tests. What will you do the same? What will you do differently?

Coach Tips

Staying healthy is key to performance and training. Duh, right? Take time to take care of yourself this week. Rest more than you might think you need. Walk if you need to move!


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