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Training Plans After BaseCamp


Build To First Peak 8 Weeks After BaseCamp

Great for mid to late May events

Coach Tim's eight-week "Build to Peak" training plans are designed to build on your winter foundation and translate your strong aerobic capacity to speed and performance as you prepare for your event/race season. The week after BaseCamp ends is a rest week; start one of these plans on March 25 to keep your progression building. You will be flying when the plan ends mid May! 

These plans follow a pyramidal/polarized modality with a targeted ramp rate of 2-3 TSS per day each week. These plans  are similar to BaseCamp training, with rest days on Monday; rest days or active recovery on Friday; shorter workouts (1-2 hours) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; and longer workouts on the weekend.

  • Fully-structured plans using classic training zones; the workouts will load to Garmin, Zwift, trainers, etc. 

  • Embedded cycle-preview videos from Coach Tim to keep your BaseCamp learning going through the summer

  • When you purchase a training plan from us, it is yours to keep (and reuse) in your TrainingPeaks account

Build To First Peak 4 Weeks After BaseCamp

Great for mid to late April events

Coach Tim's four-week "Foundation to Early Peak" plans are designed to help you crush early-season events. We know you need to get the work in, so these plans include max aerobic intervals, supra-threshold intervals, fatigue resistance Tempo intervals, and lots more.

  • Fully-structured workouts load to Garmin, Zwift, trainers, etc. 

  • A typical training week: Monday off; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1.5- to 2-hour workouts; Friday walk; Saturday and Sunday volume days

  • When you purchase a training plan from us, it is yours to keep (and reuse) in your TrainingPeaks account

Foundation to Early Peak: Road
Foundation to Early Peak: Gravel
Foundation to Early Peak: Mountain

Spring Training Plan Tips

  • If your training volume during BaseCamp was between 6-10 hours per week, you might want to step up the volume on the build plans. You'll be riding outside and getting longer weekend rides that will be important for your fitness growth.

  • The first day of each of our training plans links to our plan guide with lots of information and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • When following our training plans, you can replace workouts with races, events, and some group rides, but it's important to keep the TSS similar to the prescribed workout.

Summer Coaching Tips

  • Ride unstructured part of the summer, but keep your TSS progression moving upward if you can.

  • Get ready for your second build to peak!

  • Take a week off the bike in late June or early July. Yes, a whole week off to let your body really recover! This is a great time for a non-bike family vacation.

  • Join us July 1 for our summer group coaching session to gear up for RPI or any other long gravel event.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Complete our plan questionnaire, and we'll send you our personal recommendation!

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