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Coach Nathan Goates


Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, mountain, cyclocross

When asked, Nathan has a hard time explaining why he started racing bikes. He can tell you he bought his first racing bicycle in eighth grade. He'll tell you of long adventure rides exploring southwestern Idaho as a teenager. He'll tell you of first being outclassed, then competitive, then winning races as a junior rider. He'll tell you of putting away the bicycle in college but coming back to it in grad school. He'll tell you he's been racing road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes for over 30 years, but that it's not so much about the racing as it is a way to order his life. If you ask, he'll tell you about the wins, but mostly he'll want to talk about the joy of competition, about pushing limits, and the psychological value of doing hard, physical things.

Eager to bring new bodies to cycling and to help old bodies find new joy in the sport, Nathan loves exploring answers to the question of why we ride. He wants his clients to find satisfaction in the process of working toward their fitness, adventure, and competitive goals.

Nathan is a professor of management at Shippensburg University and has coached the Shippensburg University Cycling Club for more than fifteen years.

Athlete Testimonials

My coach goes above and beyond what is expected in terms of communication and interactions and is super supportive and helpful.  - Don L.

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