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Join a Meetup ride on Zwift

When a BaseCamp coach or community member sets up a meetup and you request an invitation, they will invite you through the Zwift Companion App. You will need to accept the invitation through the Zwift Companion App, which will add the meetup to your Zwift calendar.

Please note: You must be following the meetup host on Zwift to receive an invitation to the workout, so always be sure to check.

Here's how to join a meetup when it's time to train:

  1. Log in to Zwift (we recommend logging in 10 minutes ahead of time)

  2. Wait for Zwift to pair your devices

  3. On the Zwift dashboard screen, scroll down to the Events section

  4. Click the meetup to join it

  5. Load your workout of the day from TrainingPeaks (scroll down for video instructions)

Watch this video to learn how to join a meetup in Zwift:

Watch this video to learn how to load your workout in a Zwift meetup:

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