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If you’ve participated in or competed in an ultra endurance event, you probably know why nutrition is considered its own event within the event, and preparing for it is just as important as preparing for the physical test of cycling, mountain biking, bikepacking, running, etc. With all the time and energy (mental, emotional, and physical) you spend on preparing for and executing an ultra endurance event, don’t let your nutrition or hydration plan—or lack thereof—hurt your performance or, worse, result in a DNF or injury. This nutrition guide was created by Dr. Namrita Brooke, RDN, to help!


The guide includes general nutrition advice and sample menus. If you need more personalized guidance, Namrita is available for one-on-one consulting time.


This is a digital product. When you purchase this guide, you will receive an emailed link to download your document.

Ultra Endurance Race Nutrition Guide

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