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Coach Tina Hart


Boulder, Colorado

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, gravel, ultra, cyclocross, multi-day

I really enjoy coaching because of the partnership and connection I'm able to develop with athletes. I aim to use the incredible wealth of science and data we have to create a robust foundation and to then listen carefully to figure out how it applies to each unique athlete's goals and riding style. I want to offer my athletes an additional perspective, to help them figure out when to push hard and when to ease off, to be a sounding board, and to provide regular feedback. 

I am a USA Cycling Level 3 and TrainingPeaks Power-Certified coach. I believe in making cycling more inclusive for all bodies and types of riders, and I'm particularly passionate about supporting WTFNB (women, trans, femme, and nonbinary) cyclists.


I love riding my bike in all kinds of places, weather, and ways. I'm just as happy turning the pedals solo in a long, heads-down ultra race as riding the short, action-packed, slip-and-slide miles in cyclocross. I use my bike to explore, to test my limits, to get out of my comfort zone, and to pedal my way to a good coffee and pastry shop! 

Events and personal highlights:

Athlete Testimonials

I have been so impressed with Tina’s timely responses and adjustments. I trust that within my limitations she will help move me toward my goals. She did a great job of helping to manage my training during traveling until I was in my third week of 14 hour days and 5 hour nights and I fell apart. I totally believe she will help me build from here.  - Jane F.

I have seen significant improvements in my cycling performance this past year....I think many of the BaseCamp learnings and pieces are all coming together. Tina has also upped my game and is playing a pivotal role to help me achieve my goals. Even when there are hiccups, we each find a different silver lining that helps the growth continue. Working with BaseCamp is a game changer. Tina as my Coach is as well. I am confident that her knowledge, communication, passion and energy will help me continue to grow as a cyclist.  - Andrea T.

I love being part of BaseCamp and grateful to be working with Tina.  - Tracy S

Tina is the best, so motivating. The best thing since sliced bread.  - Steven W

Recent Athlete Achievements
  • Jane Finsterwald finished 16th woman overall at the 2024 Big Horn Gravel Little Bighorn 50-mile course

  • Jane Finsterwald finished 1st woman overall at the 2024 Robidoux Rendezvous 47-mile course

  • Amy Fowler finished 2nd woman in her age group at the 2024 Cow Pie Classic

  • Amy Fowler placed 1st in her age category at the 2024 Rattling MTB Marathon

  • Amy Fowler took 1st place 50+ woman at the 2023 Trough Creek Gravel Grinder short course and 3rd place in the overall summer series for the Women 50+ short course

  • Olivia Taylor won 2nd place in the new moms category at the 2023 Beti Bike Bash

  • Kit Melton finished 1st at the 2023 Colorado State Criterium Championships for Cat 4

  • Andrea Troy earned 5th place in the 2023 Gravel Locos 100-mile race

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