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Coach Menachem Brodie


Tel Aviv, Israel

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, mountain (endurance and cross country), triathlon

When I first started coaching cyclists back in 2007, "coaching performance" was mostly those looking to win a national championship in either the road or crit disciplines. I coached the Pitt Cycling Club for six years, during which time we managed to go from sending zero riders to nationals (a seemingly unrealistic pipe dream) to sending three to six riders each year, with the last three years the club's riders being legitimate contenders for a podium, and receiving outside recognition and acclaim, while also racing to win the regular season conference title through the very last pedal stroke each year.

Through that time period, I began coaching riders from other schools in the ECCC conference, including numerous conference champions and top-five finishers for road, cyclocross, and mountain biking.  

It all came down to the love of teaching those I coached, but not nearly as much as it was the love of learning from each and every rider while we worked as a team to help them become the best rider they could be.

Fast forward to today, and I've found the most enjoyment in coaching busy professionals and parents like myself to "performance," which is not necessarily determined by final placing in an event, but rather the journey to self improvement and deeper self realization that comes from the process of being on that journey. 

The destination is not the true victory; it is the journey there that makes the victory.

Helping others to navigate the challenging (and most fulfilling) seasons of life is something I greatly enjoy and learn from, whether we're working on strength training, cycling, or triathlon. As we build a relationship and get to know each other, working together to find how to best keep the spinning plates of fitness, riding, family, and work in a balance that best works for you, we become a team striving towards a fitter, healthier, and more robust version of you.

Off the bike I enjoy good coffee, spending time with my family, time to tap into my introverted self, and continuing to learn from those who have deeper knowledge in a variety of areas.

Events I've coached:

  • Leadville 100

  • SBT Gravel

  • Belgian Waffle Ride

  • USA Cycling Masters Nationals Road Race, Criterium

  • The Dead Swede Hundo

  • Robidoux Quick & Dirty

  • Grit Nine 0

  • Ironman (Louisville, Arizona, and many more)

  • Ironman 70.3 (numerous)

  • Driveway Series, San Antonio

  • Tour of Gila

  • Marathons (Chicago, NYC, Pittsburgh, Boston)

  • Half Marathons (numerous)

  • Many more local and regional events

Qualifications and other achievements:

  • B.S. in Exercise Science with a specialization in Coaching

  • NSCA-CSCS with 15+ years experience

  • McGill Method Certified Back Pain Practitioner 

  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Israel National Track Program

  • USAC Level 1 coach over ten years

  • USA Cycling & TrainingPeaks Power-Based Training Certified

  • Ironman Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Level 3 Coach

  • Serotta Certified Bike Fitter 

  • International bestselling author

  • Worked with numerous NBA athletes, MLB athletes, pro cyclists, pro triathletes, and Olympians

  • Keynote speaker, Science in Cycling 2023

  • Hosted and co-hosted numerous webinars and presentations

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