What is a training camp vacation?

What is a cycling camp vacation?

What is a cycling camp vacation? How is it different from other types of camps? We like to think of our camps as the ideal combination of training and fitness with vacation and fun at incredible destinations. Lots of cycling companies offer camps; some are too hard and focus just on the miles or the climbing, which means by the end of the day you're too exhausted to enjoy the beautiful location, let alone take time to laugh with new friends over a beer or enjoy delicious local cuisine. Some camps are too easy, with minimal time on the bike and too much time spent eating rich foods and drinking too much wine, sending you home with a few extra pounds and reduced fitness. At our camps we combine the best of both worlds with a careful blend of training, learning, and time to enjoy the culture and spirit of an exciting vacation location. You'll gain some new skills and still have time to check out the sights, snap a selfie at the top of a mountain, or chill in the afternoon with new friends. 
  • cyclists riding at a cycling camp

    small comfortable groups of similarly paced riders

  • cyclists riding at a cycling camp

    cycling safety is always a top priority

  • cyclist riding at a cycling camp

    learn cornering and descending in safe locations

  • Cala Saint Vecenc at cycling camp in Mallorca

    joking around with new friends

  • sunset at a cycling camp

    sunset and a beer with good friends

  • Ride with the pros! Current pros Amber Neben and Brig Brandt and former pro Scott Moninger will share their experience and stories.
  • We take care of your bike every day so you can enjoy vacation without stressing over your gear.
  • Enjoy the local sites and cuisine with the group or by yourself.
  • Our coaches make riding easier with secret conservation techniques.

Meet our great coaches

  • Coach Tim Cusick at cycling camp vacation

    Tim Cusick - education and safety with lots of fun

  • Coach Brig Brandt at a cycling camp vacation

    Brig Brandt - easygoing and fun

  • Coach Scott Moninger at a cycling camp vacation

    Scott Moninger - watch him and learn

  • Coach Paul Smeulders at a cycling camp vacation

    Paul Smeulders knows his stuff and always has a great joke to share

  • Coach Amber Neben at a cycling camp vacation

    Amber Neben - strong and powerful but super kind and considerate

  • Slide Title

    Kathy Watts, your coach coordinator

Read more about our coaches
Winter and spring training really help boost our confidence and overall performance. It's the foundation for enjoying the rides, trips, and events of the season. We frequently receive questions about how to prepare for these camps, so we've asked our coach guides to prepare a few plans to help you get the most out of your cycling adventure. All our training plans include a free basic TrainingPeaks account, and you can preview our plans here.
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Exciting cycling destinations with incredible scenery and cultural diversity

Comeraderie among the group and coaches

Shared values with like-minded athletes

After-ride gatherings to recap the day

Dinners with local flair and lots of laughs


Beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders all have the opportunity to attend pre-ride skills classes with the coaches.

  Our coaches help you every step of the way, sharing their years of experience.

We work to challenge each rider but will not overload anyone.

Coaches ride with you daily and help with position, techniques, and skills.

Push your limits some days, then chill or don’t ride at all on other days.

Our ride groups cater to the needs of each athlete.
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Photograph Gallery

  • Cala Saint Vecenc at cycling camp in Mallorca

    Cala Saint Vicenc

  • Soller train at cycling camp in Mallorca

    Soller train

  • Sign seen at cycling camp in Mallorca

    Awesome signage

  • Farmer's market in Mallorca

    Weekly farmer's markets

  • Old-town Alcudia in Mallorca

    Old-town Alcudia

  • Cycling track at cycling camp in Mallorca

    Local track in Sineu

  • Climbing at cycling camp in Mallorca

    Classic climb vista

  • Old-town Alcudia at cycling camp in Mallorca

    Old-town Alcudia

  • Randa in cycling camp in Mallorca

    Top of Randa

  • St. Magdalena during cycling camp in Mallorca

    St. Magdelina

  • Cycling camp dinner in Pollensa Mallorca

    Group dinner in Pollensa

  • Cycling camp in Mallorca

    Only in Mallorca

  • Petra Square in Mallorca

    Petra Square

  • Village celebration in Mallorca

    Village celebration

  • Cala Saint Vincenc in Mallorca

    Cala Saint Vincenc

  • Port of Pollensa in Mallorca

    Port of Pollensa

  • Outdoor church in Mallorca

    Open door churches

  • Valldemossa in Mallorca


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