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Coach Tina Hart



Boulder, Colorado

Years training:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, gravel, ultra, cyclocross, multi-day

I really enjoy coaching because of the partnership and connection I'm able to develop with athletes. I aim to use the incredible wealth of science and data we have to create a robust foundation and to then listen carefully to figure out how it applies to each unique athlete's goals and riding style. I want to offer my athletes an additional perspective, to help them figure out when to push hard and when to ease off, to be a sounding board, and to provide regular feedback. 

I am a USA Cycling Level 3 and TrainingPeaks Power-Certified coach. I believe in making cycling more inclusive for all bodies and types of riders, and I'm particularly passionate about supporting WTFNB (women, trans, femme, and nonbinary) cyclists.
I love riding my bike in all kinds of places, weather, and ways. I'm just as happy turning the pedals solo in a long, heads-down ultra race as riding the short, action-packed, slip-and-slide miles in cyclocross. I use my bike to explore, to test my limits, to get out of my comfort zone, and to pedal my way to a good coffee and pastry shop! 

Events and personal highlights: 
•    Unbound XL (5th place female) 
•    Rebecca’s Private Idaho Queen's Stage Race 
•    Belgian Waffle Ride Utah 
•    Steamboat Gravel 
•    Additional gravel events from 60 to 200 miles 
•    Cyclocross racing
•    Two completed Everestings (standard and 10,000 meter)
•    Numerous group events, fondos, centuries, basic bike packing, and solo/group adventure rides 

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