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Ride a tutorial workout in Zwift

The weeks before BaseCamp begins are a great time to get familiar with Zwift! We recommend completing one of Zwift's tutorial workouts; watch the video tutorial to see how or read the steps below.

  1. Get ready to ride. Set up your bike, put on your kit, start your fan.

  2. Log in to Zwift and, once the home screen loads, scroll down to the "Workout Anytime" section.

  3. In the "Workout Anytime" section, scroll to the right until you see "Workouts." Click the "Workouts" image to view Zwift's workout collections.

  4. In the workout collections, you will see a collection titled "Workout Tutorial." Click this.

  5. Select the "Fit & Fun" workout.

  6. A details window will open; take a look over it by hovering over segments on the map for details.

  7. Make sure your FTP looks correct; if necessary, you can change it by clicking on the number and typing in a different one.

  8. Click the "Workout" button to continue.

  9. On the next screen, choose a Zwift world and then a route within that world.

  10. Click "Start Workout" and start pedaling! Zwift will provide helpful tips along the way.

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