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My trainer drops connection

Your trainer "talks" to Zwift via ANT+ signal (the best option) or Bluetooth. If you're experiencing signal drops or disconnections, there are a few common issues to investigate; watch Coach Tim's video below or check out this great article on each. Zwift also supplies some helpful troubleshooting tips here.

The most common issue we see is too great a distance between your ANT+ dongle and your trainer; this can be remedied with a simple USB cable extender.

Here are a few tips:

  • Use Ant+ rather than Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a faster signal with greater range but is more susceptible to interference, typically coming from your laptop or computer itself. If you must use Bluetooth, find a way to get the computer as close to the trainer as possible.

  • Move the dongle away from the computer with a simple USB extender cable like this one.

  • Move the dongle close to the trainer itself to improve reception.

  • When you connect to Zwift and pair your trainer, make sure to use the FE-C version of the Ant+ signal.

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