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2023 Gravel Kits

Limited Time Offer
Our store will be open from Tuesday, July 25, till Thursday, August 3, at 8:00 p.m. EDT.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, as o
ur kits are custom made to order.
(2023-2024 Road Kits will be out in Dec)


“If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become."   - Anonymous

One of BaseCamp's "Train Where You Belong" community values is to connect you with people who share your desire to challenge self, grow, and achieve. Motivation is the desire to achieve a goal, but when motivation finds energy and enthusiasm in community, it goes beyond desire and becomes achievement.

We call this Motivation Found, and it is one of the core driving principles of BaseCamp. Our new Panache Cyclewear gravel kit collection represents this commitment to converting motivation into reality through community.



"Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." - Lee

Our Explore kit is a reminder that motivation can be found when we challenge ourselves to take the road less traveled.


"I breathe in my courage. I exhale my fear." - Huie

Our Courage kit challenges us to let go of our fears and find the courage to embrace the storm.


"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength." - Winfrey

Our Strength kit helps us look inside and know that our struggles have made us stronger.

Save 20% with the coupon code BASECAMP20 at checkout!

Unlimited combinations

Express yourself! Mix and match any combo to build the kit that lets you be you.

Save 20% with the coupon code BASECAMP20 at checkout!



Our new relationship with Panache allows us to offer you lots of choice! Train where you belong and express yourself with your choice of jersey print, your choice of shorts style and color, and your choice of matching accessories.  

  • Better Fit: Panache sizing is still a race cut, but not as aggressively as Eliel's kits. These are slightly less snug than Eliel's with a little more room in the chest and shoulder, higher collars, and better fitting shorts (no "sausage leg").

  • Shorts Options: You can select cargo bibs (with side and back mesh pockets), classic bibs, or classic shorts.

  • Compression Shorts: All Panache shorts are built with higher compression to reduce muscle fatigue and create a slimmer look. The Panache pad is also better suited for long days in the saddle.

  • Express Yourself: Our full collection allows you to be part of the community while expressing yourself in the pieces you choose.


The BaseCamp coaching team has tested the Panache clothing to ensure we can supply fit and performance advice. See our tips below.

Coach Kathy
5'7"  133 lbs

Kathy's favorite

SS Jersey

Pro Bibs 9" Inseam 

2023-2024 Panache Sizing
Bib Shorts: Women Large
Jersey: Women's Large

2022 Eliel Sizing
Bib Shorts: Women's Medium
Jersey: Women's Large

Kathy's Fit Advice

The Panache bibs feel great, the pad is very comfortable, and the overall compression feels great and makes me look slim, but I moved up to a size large because I have big quads. For the jerseys, both the medium and the large fit; the medium is more of a race fit for me, and the large is more casual and comfortable; both look fine. The bottom of the jersey is more relaxed than Eliel, so it sits lower on my hips.


Ask Kathy a fit question!

Coach Tim
5'8"  150 lbs
Explore Purple.png

Tim's favorite

SS Jersey

Svelte Cargo Bibs

2023-2024 Panache Sizing
Bib Shorts: Men's Medium
Jersey: Men's Medium

2022 Eliel Sizing
Bib Shorts: Men's Medium

Jersey: Men's Medium & Large

Tim's Fit Advice
In the Eliel kits, I wore medium shorts, but the super tight jersey pushed me up to a large jersey; I could wear the medium, but it felt like a skin suit. The Panache kit is more like my normal fit. Their sizing chart is spot on, so make sure you use it.

Ask Tim a fit question!

Watch Tim's demo of the cargo shorts

Coach Scott
5'9"  135 lbs
Strength Green.png

Scott's favorite

SS Jersey

Svelte Classic Bibs

2023-2024 Panache Sizing
Bib Shorts: Small
Jersey: Small

2022 Eliel Sizing
Bib Shorts: Small
Jersey: Medium

Scott's Fit Advice
Panache is more of a classic fit. I have always worn size small, and Eliel was the first time I need to size up for a jersey. Panache also has a better collar and a not-so-aggressive fit in the shoulders.

Ask Scott a fit question!

Coach Tina
5'2"  112  lbs

Tina's favorite

SS Jersey

Pro Bibs 9" Inseam 

2023-2024 Panache Sizing
Bib Shorts: Women's Small
Jersey: Women's Extra Small

2022 Eliel Sizing
Bib Shorts: Women's Extra Small
Jersey: Women's Small

Tina's Fit Advice

In the sizing chart, I land right in the middle of the range for the XS in the jersey and the S in the shorts, which is exactly what fit best. I like my jerseys to fit fairly tight, and the Panache XS is comfortably snug but not as form fitting as Eliel. Similarly, I found the shorts to have good compression without feeling too tight or being challenging to put on. 

Ask Tina a fit question!

Save 20% with the coupon code BASECAMP20 at checkout!



It’s time to clean out the kit closet! Do you have kits that don't fit, old kits in good shape, designs you don't wear? Send them to BaseCamp headquarters here in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and we will box them up and send them to our BaseCamp friends in India to share with young riders who are just getting into cycling.

Please limit to summer items only: short-sleeve jerseys and any type of shorts.


Send them here:
BaseCamp Kits to India 
246 Arch Street 
Carlisle, PA 17013

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