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Coach Scott Moninger

Coach Scott Moninger
Coach Scott Moninger
Coach Scott Moninger


Boulder, Colorado

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, crit, stage racing, gravel

Coaching is about accountability and creating a recipe for success through experience and science, tailored to reflect the athlete's personal objectives. Aside from the numbers and data, it’s about connecting multi dimensionally with my clients, navigating them to success through my own extensive experience as a top-level domestic and international pro cyclist.


Off the bike, I love listening to and playing many types of music. I'm right handed, but I write with my left hand, and I play a pretty decent game of ping-pong.

Events I've participated in:

  • State championships

  • National championships

  • World championship

  • Many NRC/domestic level events

  • Multiple international one-day and stage race events

  • Haute Route events

  • Most of the nation's top gravel events, including Unbound, Tushar, Steamboat Gravel, The Epic, Mid South, Belgian Waffle Ride San Diego, Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina

Testimonials from Scott's athletes

He's been a great mentor. I strongly believe he's going to help me (I mean he already has) get back in racing shape and better than before. Can't wait for this riding season and beyond. Thank you!   - Kae T.

I began coaching with Scott Moninger at the end of my last race season. Having won many races as a Cat 1 woman, including multi-time state championships in road races and criteriums, I had never won a national championship. This was my primary mission with Scott for the coming season. I needed a coach that was not just a cheerleader but a coach who could really look at my performance as an athlete and help me find my next level. Someone who would give me the right work to do, hold me accountable but also be able to harness me so I could be better physically and mentally. Moninger has incredible experience winning races over a long period of time. He has lived and knows the process of training and racing to win and be your best. Through the season we have honed my fitness, skills and mindset.  He listens and takes into consideration what I am experiencing as well as what I need and has kept me on track. This process is not about short gains though there were many this season. I'm a better athlete than I've ever been. I can't thank Coach Scott enough for imparting on me his knowledge and wisdom, coaching me to be the best athlete I can be.  Thanks to Moninger, I am a national champion and continue to ride my best ride.   - Tracey J.

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