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Upping your riding game in Mallorca

After our 2023 camp in Mallorca, we received requests to increase the amount of education available to riders, specifically around general bike handling skills and group riding. To do this, we have added the following education opportunities for 2024:

  1. Morning rider meetings focused on key skill topics

  2. Enhanced skills day on Tuesday (our easy/rest day)

Morning Rider Meetings

Our first day will be focused on skills and drills. We'll go over some key techniques as a group and also get in our first ride together on the island! Then, for the next few mornings, we'll meet as a group ahead of our ride. Coach Tim will lead a brief discussion on each of the following topic areas, which will continue be to be coached and reinforced out on the road: 

Planned Schedule:*

  • Day 2 (4/13): Descending

  • Day 3 (4/14): Pacelining

  • Day 6 (4/17): Economy

  • Day 7 (4/18): Climbing

*Topic order and timing subject to changes as needed 

Enhanced Skills Day

Day 5, Tuesday, March 15, is our easy/rest day, and it falls between two big days on the bike. This makes it an excellent opportunity to refocus on skills and fundamentals, which ultimately can make you a safer, faster, and more efficient rider. 

We spend a lot of time focused on our fitness, but could your bike handling skills be holding you back?  Riding a bike should be fun, not fear inducing or dangerous. You should feel confident and skilled when you ride, both alone and with others. Join us for this four-hour skills clinic focused on improving your bike handling skills and your understanding of the physics of the bike. You know the why, and now you'll learn the how. No one is born a natural; it takes education and practice, and until we learn the fundamentals, we will never master more advanced skills like group riding or descending.

Our skills day will be led by Coach Lorri, who has been teaching bike skills for more than twenty years.  Her clients include racers, recreational riders, and commuters. She teaches public clinics in California and contracts with racing teams, cycling clubs, bike coalitions, charity riding programs, and corporations, teaching hundreds of individuals each year. She believes that anyone can learn to be a skilled rider, that crashing shouldn't be part of the sport, and that riding a bike should be FUN!

During our skills clinic, we'll learn the fundamentals like starting, stopping, emergency stops, riding with one hand, riding with no hands, and counter-steering.  Then we'll learn how these fundamentals apply to group riding, pacelines, climbing, and descending. Whether you've been riding for two months, two years, or two decades, you will learn skills to improve your cycling experience.    


Excellent! Looking forward to it.


Can't wait!

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