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Tracy's story: Spring racing success

BaseCamp coached athlete Tracy Gravlin shared her experiences at several 2024 spring races.

This post is to give a big shoutout to my coach, Liz Inglese! I was hesitant about going with a coach after BaseCamp. But so happy I did. Liz has crafted my workouts to get me ready for races I wanted to enter. She has worked at making sure I am ready for the course I would be racing. My first two races, Barry Roubaix and Arcadia Grit and Gravel, I made the AG podium. Shocked at both of those! This past weekend I decided to do a race close to home as a prep for the Cowpie Classic. The Thunder Bay Thriller was 27 miles of gravel, water-filled pothole forest access road, single track and sand pits. From the get-go I felt great. The first race I have done where I could push the whole way through, and still push in areas that were beyond my comfort zone. I used tactics and surges, everything Liz had me working on. I was back and forth with another woman the whole way. She was better getting through the sand pit than me. But I kept at it to catch her and ended 25 sec back in 2nd place overall! This time I was not so shocked. I felt prepared and kept working on the things Liz and I had talked about. I felt BaseCamp strong. Most of all I had FUN even in the muddy pot holes and little lakes. This race was no Unbound, but for me it validated the work we have been doing. Thank you Liz!


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