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Tonya's story: Dirty South Roubaix

BaseCamp member Tonya Simpson shared her experience at the Dirty South Roubaix over the weekend.

The Dirty South Roubaix: first gravel race of the year, and Coach Amber, I put all your guidance to work: I dug in from the start, always used my glutes, especially in the 15 mph headwind, and repeated to myself that I was fit enough. It was my first time outside in a few months, so I expected to physically bonk around halfway like last year, but I changed my eating habits and nibbled the entire time instead of waiting for my timer to go off. I had done that during the inside challenges and it worked well. So this became an eating competition for me and I had good energy throughout. It helped that the second half was the tailwind! Still, I had to walk several of the steep forest hills—I don’t think the trainer can fully train you to tackle that. And I took Tim Cusick’s advice and went in with no expectations and had a blast! Can’t wait to tackle the rest of the season!


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