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T.J.'s story: Unbound Gravel 2022

BaseCamp alumnus T.J. Morton shared his experience at Unbound Gravel.

I wrote a novel of a race recap for Unbound Gravel. I managed to somehow delete it. The scenery was unbelievable, the rough bits were ROWDY (I saw soooo many flats and saw a guy in front of me blow out a tire - literally blew up), the smooth bits were smooth, and the mud was EPIC! I pushed hard enough that I could feel some cramps coming in hip flexors, I eased up until I recovered, and I left enough to tempo the last 35 miles in an effort to beat 14 hours. According to my TrainingPeaks, I finished in 13:59. Sadly, I didn’t read the instructions on the number plate and wrapped it around my head tube, which rendered it unreadable to the tracking checkpoints. It really was an amazing day!!!


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