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T.J.'s story: Four Peaks Gran Fondo

BaseCamp alumnus T.J. Morton shared his experience at the 2022 Four Peaks Gran Fondo in Idaho.

I managed to find my way to a figurative podium!!! The Four Peaks Gran Fondo down in Pocatello, Idaho, is a fun road event. It's a group ride with four timed hill climbs. Namrita suggested I go for the first two climbs and try to stay in my Tempo zone. I, of course, thought I might try to show her by hitting them at FTP. Needless to say, she was right. I slowed a bit on the second two climbs. But I still had enough to finish 3rd in the 50+ mens category. Sadly, the literal podium was reserved for only the overall men and women.

Who would've guessed I'd podium in a climbing event?!?! Watch out, Ise, I'm coming for you on the Alpe challenge this winter! 😁


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