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Sue's story: Lazy Horse Gravel Grind 2022

BaseCamp alumnus Sue Shirley-Hageman shared her experience at the 2022 Lazy Horse Gravel Grind event in Ohiowa, Nebraska.

I rode my longest gravel ride of the season and ever last Saturday at the Lazy Horse Gravel Grind. Loads of fun!!! The weather was a perfect bike riding day, which helped so much!! I stayed on top of my nutrition and water, yeah me!!! I was probably on the low end of the carb intake, but it worked! We had some wind, but not too bad. Actually, it felt wonderful as the day went on and it warmed up!! I felt great and enjoyed it all!!! It was nice not being at the “back of the pack” and riding with some veterans!!! Maybe even passing a few!!!

What was really fun this time! I had some technology issues; new phone, new power meter & having to ride with GPS bc it wouldn’t download on my garmin, yada, yada, yada. FYI, getting all that figured out now though. 😊 What ended up happening is I was able to have the course on my Garmin and it gave me my alerts for turning, yeah! But my profile was different on ridewithgps, so I rode without looking at any data. I pulled an Amber Neben. Which as it turned out to be pretty darn sweet!! I told my husband not to even tell me what mileage we were at. I told myself, I didn’t care and I just wanted to ride my ride and see what happens!!! I truly enjoyed my ride. Next time, I’ll try and ride faster!

Basecamp training has really stepped up my riding! And it’s a lot more fun!!! I have a couple more events coming up and then a bit of a break. Then I start RPI!!! See a lot of you on there!!! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be there in person. Darn, maybe next year! I hope to see several of you at Unbound and finally meet some of you in person!!! Enjoy your rides and adventures! Love seeing what you all are accomplishing!

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Bruce Beyerly
Bruce Beyerly
Jun 02, 2022

Great write-up Sue!

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