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Shawn's story: Real West Gravel

BaseCamp athlete Shawn Petersen shares his experience at the 2024 Real West Gravel Let 'R Ride bike race in Oregon.

It was a great day to be on the bike. The race was intense, with 330 racers and temperatures in the 70s. It took place in eastern Oregon, which is considered a high desert area. The town is known for sheep, wool, and a long-standing rodeo.

Here are some recon and post-race pictures. The race was too fast for me to snap pictures while riding!

My goal was to finish close to the top ten. I placed 5th overall in my age group (50-54) and just under 4 hours. I'm so very stoked and also grateful to BaseCamp and the community.

A big thank you to all the awesome coaches, especially coach Brig Brandt.

Thank you, Tim Cusick and Kathy, for your passion and vision.

Also, thank you, Tina Hart! All those random kudos you gave while I was Zwifting on solo training rides really made a difference. 🙂 Its amazing how such a small act can have so much impact!!!


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