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Shawn's story: Oregon Coast Gravel Epic and West Coast Gravel

BaseCamp coached athlete Shawn Petersen shared his experience at the 2024 Oregon Coast Gravel Epic and the 2024 West Coast Gravel.

Since November, I've been doing structured training with Base Camp and coach Brig Brandt.

I've put in so much work week over week for the past 20+ weeks. Training can be fairly lonely at times, involves less riding with friends, and it takes a ton of discipline, especially on days when I really didn't want to train to days I struggle with the hard workouts. Trying my best to trust the process and "get faster by going slower."

Huge shoutout to all the Base Camp winter coaches: Tim Cusick, Namrita Brooke, Tina Hart. 🙇🏽👏🏼

Saturday was a hard, very wet, and super muddy race. On the last climb, we were literally riding in water running downhill. I thought to myself, "I'm riding in a creek."

Sunday was absolutely brutal, making Saturday's race look easy. It was colder and wetter (a downpour for all 3 hours), and my hands went numb on the first descent. It was wild and muddy, with rivers running down the forest roads, and the descents were very sketchy.

Day 1 - Oregon Coast Gravel Epic (OBRA State Gravel Championships)

7th overall in my age group

Time: 4:10:54 / 57.30 mi / 7,493 ft

Day 2 - West Coast Gravel 🥉

3rd in my age group

Time: 3:14:49 / 49.12 mi / 6,690 ft

12th overall for the day

Hit some new power numbers too!


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