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Shannon's story: Rebecca's Private Idaho

BaseCamper Shannon Scanlon shared her experience at Rebecca's Private Idaho 2023.

Rebecca's Private Idaho was an amazing experience for us both. While the race gave us a few lemons we made lemonade instead. Not only did we race in a beautiful place, we enjoyed community and the "Be Good" spirit of the entire event.

Stage 1

I flatted in the first 2 miles, but Den swapped wheels with me so I could keep going and we both finished strong despite the massive uphill single-track. The views certainly softened all the walking. Happy I made it through the technical single track without any mishaps. I did have to walk the steeper sections, but this gave me the chance to meet other riders and take in this view! I had my nutrition dialed in and was able to finish strong. It was a good day!

Stage 2

We loved the neutral rollout and met many people we otherwise would not have. Den especially enjoyed riding a bit with Alex Howes. We both started the time-trial strong and felt good; I finished under my target time of 40 mins. Unfortunately, Den was forced off the road by a wide trailer and suffered a hand injury so his time-trial ended early, but an EMT named Rebecca 😉 took good care of him. I felt good on stage 2; increased my carbs and hydration but was unable to hold the power numbers planned. I found once my heart rate hit 145 bpm with the elevation I was unable to catch my breath, so I focused on heart-rate and used cadence to power up Dollarhide to hit the gong!

Stage 3

This stage was more than we planned. Once we found Den’s bike frame was also cracked we got the opportunity to test out some awesome bikes from Giant Bicycles, but the highlight of our day was meeting and encouraging Hazel, a very determined young lady.


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