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Shannon's story: Coast-to-Coast Gravel Grinder

BaseCamper athlete Shannon Scanlon shared her experience with her husband Den at the 2024 Coast-to-Coast Gravel Grinder in Michigan.

The race started out fast and flat, we were able to stay with nice group trading pulls on the sandy gravel roads. Tall grass and muddy 2-track split the group, then a fall in the mud, but we were able to catch back to the group after a couple VO2max efforts and burning a few matches. Rain started about 2 hours in and continued the rest of the race. Bikes slowed through the deep wet sand and started causing the break pads to slowly disintegrate. Lost the group once we hit the single-track. Now a duo, we were riding through flowing rivers down the single-track navigating the Manistee Forest. Once back on gravel roads, we continued to push zone 2 until the last few miles; when we hit pavement, I pulled a few Tempo efforts to the finish. Our efforts got me to the podium with 3rd over-all female, and Den took 4th in his age group.


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