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Sarah's story: The Mid South

BaseCamp athlete Sarah Porch shares her experience at The Mid South 2024 in Oklahoma.

Good vibes, red dirt and the Bobby hug.

Linda Carangia, Toni Brooke, Andrea Troy, Cathy Blum Ogur, and I traveled to Stillwater OK for The Mid South 2024. They completed the 100 mile course, which was dry and fast. The Mid South is not just a race but also the unofficial U.S. opener to the gravel season and a celebration of the gravel community. Mid South checks all the boxes — an expo, shakeout rides, live music, food trucks, beer releases, an an amazing course, the Salsa Chase the Chaise perfectly located before the single track and a big party for the last finisher (DFL) and yoga. With almost 1,300, the mass start rolled out at a fast pace.

Linda, who placed 3rd in her age group, shared this about the event: “The Mid South 100 gravel ride was probably the most technical gravel ride for me, combining this with the large number of competitors at the start, definitely made for a new level of competition. The course was a mix of gravel with defined lines, single track, short, punchy climbs, chunky gravel, sand…it had it all! This ride kept me digging into my tool box all day: change cadence, change pedal stroke, saddle position, body position, bar position, breathing, when to push. I learned to listen to my body, pulling back when needed, pushing when recovered. ALL of my training was put to the test. THIS was an awesome ride! The riders were friendly and from varied places. The rest stops were stocked with helpful volunteers. The weather could not have been better! The purple chaise at the last rest stop, iconic!! And the Bobby hug at the finish! The vibe of Mid South is one of a kind and I’m so excited to be a part of it! To experience this with my besties was icing on the cake!”

WOOHOO, Linda! Congratulations!


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