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Patrick's story: OB 300k

Today was my second randonneuring brevet of the year: the OB 300k. This one was a big milestone for me. This was my longest ride since August 2019. For me I feel like 300km is where things start to get real real. I had a good amount of pre-ride jitters before this one.

My main lesson for this ride was hydration. Southern California has been getting a really strong heat wave this week: August temperatures in February. Highs on the coast today reached the mid 80s. I did not drink nearly enough during the first third of the ride. About 125 km into the ride I started noticing that my HR was elevated compare to my power and RPI, like power in low zone 2 but HR in zone 3. I saw this as a sign of dehydration and started drinking a lot more. That saved my ride right there. I think at the end of the ride I ended up going through about 10-11 20oz bottles.

The ride went really well. I paced myself through the first couple hours, then we hit the hills and i added in tempo on the climbs. I then tried as best I could to hold AE power once the ride returned to the coast and city riding. I looked at my previous times on this ride and ended up taking over an hour off my previous PR!


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