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Patrick's story: Gold Rush Randonnee 600k

BaseCamp alumnus Patrick Sullivan shared his experience at the 2022 Gold Rush Randonnee in California.

Hit Goal #2 of this season yesterday: completed a Super Randonneur Series (200k, 300k, 400k, 600k). My final ride in the series was the Gold Rush Randonnee 600k. The ride beat me up pretty good. Day 1 went from Davis, CA up into the Sierra Nevadas. The heat did a number on me as I wasn't acclimated to it yet. Day 2 was supposed to be the easy of descending and then riding the flats of the Sacramento Valley. However, the wind shifted to be coming from the South, so I was greeted with a headwind for most of the last 150 km.

I didn't finish with the time I was hoping for. I was targeting around 32-33 hours and finished at just over 36 hours, but given the conditions I'm glad to get it done and learn my lessons for the next one (work on acclimating better, improve hydration and nutrition). Getting this series done helps set me up for next year's goal: Paris-Brest-Paris.

Now I rest, reset, and start towards Objective #3.

Thank you BaseCamp for getting me back out there.


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