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Patrick's story: Belgian Waffle Ride California

BaseCamp alumnus Patrick Sullivan shared his experience at the 2022 Belgian Waffle Ride California.

Completed my first A-race of the year: Belgian Waffle Ride California. This was my first un-road (or gravel?) event ever. It was a challenge, mostly in terms of my off-road skills and equipment. It pushed me past my comfort zone, which tells me it was the right level of a challenge. I even did it a half hour faster than I expected. Thank you BaseCamp for teaching me how to train and BaseCampers for your support during the program.

My wife saw Amber Neben immediately after the finish and thought about introducing herself but wasn't sure about doing so right after a finish. She told me what she wanted to say to Amber: "My husband did your program. Thank you. You changed the way he rides."


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