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Padraic's story: Pedal To The Meadow

BaseCamp alum Padraic Gallagher shared his experience at the 2023 Pedal to the Meadow event in Kaua`i, Hawaii.

I had one of my "A" races over the weekend, Pedal To The Meadow on Kaua'i. It started out good, I pushed to gain time over the steepest part of the race and was on pace. At about the halfway point, started getting really bad stomach problems, don't know caused it because I didn't change a thing. Got sick a few times and couldn't keep anything down, even water. I just kept telling myself, keep going, you might be able to recover, keep pushing, I didn't want to look back and say I should've gone harder. In the end I had only lost 5 minutes off last year's pace, so there is a bright side.


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