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Padraic's story: Pedal to the Meadow

BaseCamp alumnus Padraic Gallagher shared his experience at the 2022 Pedal to the Meadow in Kaua`i.

Memorial Day weekend we had a hill climb race on Kauai: Pedal to the Meadow, a 15-mile climb from sea level to 3,835 with some HC climbs to start. It was so much fun to finally be at an in-person event! 62 racers finished with a lot of people from off-island. Fellow BaseCamper Binney Williamson and his wife, Mary, hold the event and did a wonderful job. Thankfully no rain. Unfortunately I started cramping up 5 miles from the finish, and I remembered what Amber Neben said and ate all the food and water I had and recovered but couldn't make up the time. Tried to stay with another Basecamper, Jen, but she was too strong! Photos by James Mertens.


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