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Mike's story: Trek bike camp in Greenville

BaseCamp alumnus Mike Adsit shared his experience at a seven-day Trek cycling camp in Greenville, South Carolina.

Under the "be careful what you wish for" category, last winter I impulsively signed up for a Trek 7-day bike camp in Greenville, SC, scheduled for April 2023. I figured, get off the trainer, be in warmer weather, put some miles in, build some climbing power, prep for the US National Senior Games….then I finally got around to looking at the daily ride schedule. Well, 369 miles, 24-hours approximate saddle time, 24k feet of climbing. I guess what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. At 73, it might be debatable. Should be fun and interesting. Pedal on.

Day 1

Paris Mountain is a for real climb. All the gas I had. 8-12% all the way for 3 miles. Stayed in the FTP+20 zone except for steep sections. HR was definitely near my max at times. Had some chain and cassette issues after the climb. A bit frustrating since no SAG today. Not a fan of Shimano e-shift vs. SRAM. Clunky. Easy half hour of stop time trying to fix it myself. Folks are super friendly, got 3 stops offering a ride or tools. Not used to that! Changing out the bike tonight. They provide Trek bikes.

Also, If you ever come to these bring your own nutrition and drink mix. Lesson learned. Otherwise nice hotel. Good company at dinner. A lot of Trek camp alumni, and some fellow Michigan BaseCampers.

I did stay at a really nice Airbnb last night here in Greenville. I’m an longtime Airbnb fan. Owner has restored this 120-year old house, that she lives in, rents Airbnb rooms, and is a high level therapeutic massage therapist in another part of the house. That awesome cafe was 100 yards away, and next to the main Swamp Rabbit bike trail. Booked a massage for Thursday! Yea!

Beautiful area. Very spring! Tomorrow is a 70-mile run.

Day 2

Opted for the shorter punchier 36-mile ride today vs. the 71-miles to Campbell covered bridge. Took sort of Coach Jim and Tim's BaseCamp advice about stacking too many hard days. Especially with my still trainer legs. Turned out to be a nice route, good roads. Legs are good. Just enough 160 TSS for the day. Harder day tomorrow. Got another bike assignment, much better shifting.

One of the realities of riding routes from Greenville is that all the routes require about 7-miles on Swamp Rabbit Trail, back and forth. Nice trail, good starting warmup, but on a nice day like today the trail, on the return about midday, is jammed with riders, runners, walkers, dogs, kids. Have to be super careful and slow pace. 70's out, so nice!

Day 3

Ceaser’s Head route. I opted out of the up and back mountain climb, but did rest of the route. My legs weren’t up for it. And, not essential for my BaseCamp training plan. 10+ 1/2-mile climbs of 6-8% was enough. 260 TSS for the day. Beautiful roads, little traffic. I can see why folks like the biking here do much. Trek support folks are pretty good.

Day 4

Travelers Rest Route. Beautiful route and roads. A recovery ride at Z 2-3 for me. That said one could really roll on this one!

Appears the last two days of riding camp will be a washout for me. Very heavy rain and 45-50 degree weather for Friday and Saturday. I find no joy, or benefit, in steady rain riding, especially when it’s cold; and all my rain riding gear is in Michigan. Been there, done that, by necessity. Good news, it’s 50s and sun back in Michigan. Gravel time!

Overall positive on Trek camp. Great opportunity to meet other like riders. Most here have been on 2-3 Trek camps. Real positive on early spring riding in this area. With Ride with GPS, I think one could find good routes, and Airbnb the stay for a cheaper trip.

Ride safe!


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