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Mark's story: Rooted Vemont

BaseCamp alumnus Mark Ouellette shared his experience at the 2022 Rooted Vermont event.

The hard work paid off at 2022 Rooted Vermont Little Sip gravel race. This was one of my big main focus events for this year. The goal was a top 10 overall finish. I came very close last year with 14th male overall, and several incredibly strong female riders smoked me too. The highlight of the ride was bumping into fellow BaseCampers Larry Rose, Andrea Troy, and Sarah Porch. It is always more fun to share events with others. Big thank you to BaseCamp, you guys all rock, and all the riders who keep me inspired. Thanks to Namrita Brooke for her impeccable coaching style and for keeping me on track and focused. The training gave me the confidence I needed to overcome the mental roadblocks of 2021. Here is a big win for BaseCamp and a picture of me making the podium for a 3rd place finish. Old guys can still give the younger guys a run for their money!


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