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Lori's story: Break the Cycle Challenge

BaseCamp alum Lori Githens shared her experience at the 2023 Break the Cycle Challenge in Waukee, Iowa.

I've hesitated to post about my post BaseCamp experience, just in case my success so far has been a fluke. I knew the proof would be in my event for the year, the Break The Cycle Challenge, a century ride to combat human trafficking.

Last year I was the last person to finish, long after everyone else; the finish arch had already been taken down and packed away. I rode 75% of the ride alone. 8 hours moving time at 12.7 mph.

This year, I stayed with the group the whole time, enjoying the benefit of the draft. I felt good and strong the whole ride. 6 hours 43 minutess, and average speed 15.3.

My average speed this spring has been consistently in the 14-15 mph range. I used to be a 12ish rider. I've felt very strong every ride with no struggling on the back half like before. I've been doing group rides I never would have dreamed of doing a year ago. All I wanted was to get up to around 15 mph, but now I know that's just the beginning. Thanks to BaseCamp, I'm there, and next year let's try for 18!


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