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Kathleen's story: The Wild Horse

BaseCamp alumnus Kathleen Krekow shared her experience at the 2022 Wild Horse race in the Cedar Mountain Wilderness in Utah.

Fellow BCs - at almost 58 I participated in my first "race" on Saturday. As you can see I wore the kit for inspiration. Everything that could go wrong, almost, did! Course reversed at last minute = all plans to hell in a handbasket, went off course 2X and rode an extra mile, dropped chain once, and got stuck in hardest gear from mile 18 to the finish!!!! And, I had a blast! Finished 11th for women, was trying to crack top 10 for Brig! Headed to the Dusty Bandita in Montana here soon. Thanks for EVERTHING, EVERYONE - would not be on this journey without you all. 😊


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