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Karl's story: Dirty 30

BaseCamp alumnus Karl Kramer shared his experience at the 2023 Dirty 30 event in Saranac, Michigan.

Today was my first time wearing Team BaseCamp colors. Love ‘em! Thought I would share some thoughts on how BaseCamp helped my riding. Even though I’ve just come through about 2.5 weeks of sickness, I still rode and raced three times in the past 3 weeks. Today was finally beautiful weather here in Michigan and I raced the Dirty 30 race in Saranac, Michigan. Although still not feeling the best, I was over 10 minutes faster than last year, and 17th out of 34 in my age group. Last year, 15th out of 16. But perhaps even a better measure of progress, last year the winner in my age group beat me by 37 minutes. This year the delta was reduced to 22 minutes.

Obviously I still have a lot of work ahead, but it's clear I wouldn’t be this far along without BC. The first 11 weeks of BC went very smoothly on the 10 to 12 hour plan. And power and endurance were both increasing. I even did a 100 mile ride on the trainer in each of the first three months of the year. Wheels came off for me starting in week 12 due to some work and life issues. But even with that and the recent sickness, I can tell a ton of the benefits accrued during my active part of the program have paid off.

Can't wait to finally start training outside this week and am totally looking forward to more races in the weeks ahead. Wanted to also mention that I’m leaving for Colorado on June 1 for three weeks of riding. The focus of the trip will be doing the Ride The Rockies adventure June 11th through the 16th. Would love to know if any others from BaseCamp will be there.


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