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John's story: Rebecca's Private Idaho French Fry

BaseCamper John Keepers shared his experience on the French Fry course at Rebecca's Private Idaho 2023.

Awesome race (French Fry) and weekend! Exhilarating to ride down Trail Creek at top speed in the rain over rocks with cars coming at you. Definitely my biggest opportunity other than just keeping cranking. My wife did a great job on the Tater Tot... she was so worried about finishing.

I blew my goals away this summer. Just wanted to see if I liked riding outside with other humans as well as try a few events. Never dreamed I would be doing a RPI race!

  • Fuel - only consumed half my Clif Bloks

  • Hydration - ok. Thankfully got a Camelbak!

  • Pace - should have pushed more. Short of cramping.

  • Breathing - good. Tool to regroup and refocus

  • Elevation - could not really tell

  • PMA - good! "I can! I am! I will!"

  • Downhill - way too conservative. Way too tense/hanging on for dear life!

  • Venue was stunning.... even in the freaking rain!

So thankful to coaches and teammates!

And so glad I did not do the Baked Potato.


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