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Joe's story: Pedal Hilton Head Island metric century

BaseCamp alumnus Joe Pomeroy shared his experience at the Pedal Hilton Head Island metric century in South Carolina.

Beautiful weather and the ride went smoothly. Rolled with the A group. First rest stop at 23 miles. Barely had enough time to swap bottles and eat a few Cliff blocks. Second stop at 40 miles. Same story. Kinda uncool because if I had just 5 minutes I could have fueled and hydrated properly. They also surged up to speed after every stop and intersection. No waiting on any riders so if you got dropped, that was it. I lasted with them until mile 46 and had to back it down. I'm sure I could have stayed with them if I had more time at stop 2. I should have just stayed at the rest stop and waited on the B group. They headed out 15 minutes before us but we caught and passed them. They weren't that far behind us after stop 2 because it was an out and back section. Sucked a wheel from another solo rider from 46 to 55 and then solo last 7. Glad I came down and rode it but should have listened to my inner voice at stop 2 and wait on the Bs. Oh yea, I was definitely a carnival side show. 99% of the people here have never seen a handcycle like this one and certainly never thought I could hang with the As. BaseCamp strong!


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