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Joe's story: Greenwood Gravel Grinder

BaseCamper Joe Pomeroy shared his experience at the 2023 Southeast Gravel Greenwood Gravel Grinder in Abbeville, South Carolina.

From racing the road handcycle to racing my motorcycle and now "racing" my new TiArrow Gravel S handcycle, Southeast Gravel's Greenwood Gravel Grinder never disappoints. Much more single track, which was fun. This was really just a shakedown ride to find areas on my bike that need to be changed. A new fork has already been shipped from Sweden to solve most issues, and the others are pretty minor. This bike will absolutely rock once set the way I want. Yea, I took first in the handcycle class because nobody else showed. So I got the yummy cookie, some crazy bright blue Tifosi sunglasses, and a few other goodies.

Having this bike could not have happened without the support from Kelly Brush Foundation and Challenged Athletes Foundation. They are awesome, helping many disabled people live better lives through sports. Shout out to Mike Casedonte for being my "ghost" rider today. At only 2.5 miles in I got a front flat (didn't have time to get a new rim and go tubeless), and Mike was a huge help and we had fun riding the route together. Yes, that is a now-classic BaseCamp kit!


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