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Jeremy's story: Rebecca's Private Idaho

BaseCamper Jeremy Raeszler shared his experience at Rebecca's Private Idaho 2023.

I think that it goes without saying that Rebecca's Private Idaho is a special place. I think it also goes without saying that RPI Basecamp is a special part of the RPI experience. As a paraplegic who is paralyzed from the waist down, I not only toed the line for the 57 mile French Fry, I also made it to the top of Trail Creek Climb….twice, I made it to Wildhorse, I made it to the Fall Creek loop, and I crossed the finish line on an upright bike pedaling my way through it just like you. It took me 7 hours and 15 seconds of pedaling to finish, and I was the very last rider to cross the finish line timing mat. But because of the RPI Basecamp program I was able to build my endurance, my physical strength, and most importantly my mental strength. I truly believe, even with all the positive energy that is at Rebecca's Private Idaho, that without the structured training and without the social media community page, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish or achieve this amazingly audacious goal of mine. Thank you Rebecca Rusch, Coach Tim Cusick, Namrita Brooke, and all my new friends here in the BaseCamp RPI 2023 community for being my friend! Until next year…hugs for everyone!


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