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Jeff's story: Hyalite Canyon Road

BaseCamp alumnus Jeff Cory shared his experience riding the Hyalite Canyon Road in Bozeman, Montana, while it was closed to motorized traffic.

I’m honestly pretty friggin tired of this N Rockies winter here in Bozeman, and I want to ride in the sun on gravel (or heck, even chipseal roads). However, each April the road south of town up to Hyalite Reservoir closes to motorized traffic (so the snow can melt off), and one can ride the climb (8-ish miles) up to the reservoir with beautiful mountain views. In almost two decades living here, I’ve never had to use the fatbike for this April road closure ride. But the road is still covered in snow, so the fatbike it was today. My buddy and I rode up, made coffee on the camp stove, joined some friends we saw up there, had a fun ride down. About 16 miles (and 160 hrTSS, but who’s counting?). A warm-up seems in the forecast, finally, so I think (hope) this was the last fatbike ride of this long, long snowy winter. Hope some of you BC alum peeps are getting out in real, warmish spring riding. And you Mallorca trip folks — yeah, yeah, yeah…


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