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Jeffrey and Jason's story: Yellowstone National Park

BaseCamp member Jeffrey Cory shared his experience with Jason at the Yellowstone National Park cycling season.

Fellow ’22 BaseCamper Jason and I took our last BC Sunday outside. Yellowstone National Park opens in the spring to cyclists, no cars, for only a week or so. Just bikes and bison traffic jams (see pic). Literally cycling heaven. About 60-65 degrees for 76 miles ([out and back, Mammoth Hot Springs to a bit past Madison Junction [Grand Loop was still closed to only snowplows down to Old Faithful]),and 3200 ft climbing. Literally nearly alone, cycling in the first and best National Park. Highly recommended, if you can ever swing being here for this small window of precious riding (or heck, get here now if you can!). So so so different from the summer traffic jams and crush of YNP tourists. No grizzly encounters thankfully, but saw huge tracks in the snow, and my whole hand couldn’t even fill the print when I put it in (see pic). One wolf sighting. Jason and I agreed it was one of our best days cycling ever. Topped it off with nice (late) dinner and then soak at Chico Hot Springs Resort south of Livingston.


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