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Jaime's story: Indoor century

BaseCamp alum Jaime Baeza shares her experience with a personal challenge ride.

Can I just say that BaseCampers' thumbs up on Zwift always seem to come at just the right moment? Today I took on a challenge that I've done every May for three years in a row, an indoor century. It's as terrible as it sounds. 😂 I had a goal of shaving at least an hour off of last year's time, and thanks to BaseCamp I now know how to pace my effort better. At mile 85 I was really wishing I could just get my butt off of the saddle and be done, but just then a thumbs up came down from the heavens from Ken Carl and I increased my effort accordingly. I finished the final mile in an all out sprint just for kicks and ended up finishing it 1hr 13min faster than the previous two years. Thank you for all you've taught me and TRAINED me to do. Just do the work. Even when it matters to no one else but you. Especially then.


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