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Jaime's story: a first century ride

BaseCamp alumnus Jaime Baeza shared her experience creating her own century challenge ride.

First century yesterday! I am doing one of Tim's 8 week pre-made plans to continue training and I wanted to make my own "challenge weekend" before rest week. I knew I wouldn't be able to ride Sunday because of Easter events, so I decided to go big on Saturday. I have always wanted to see my Garmin tick over to triple digits but never have. Something has always come up: too hot, wildfire smoke, injury, etc, etc. I planned to go self-supported, with stopping at stores for refills. I told my close girlfriends in case they wanted to join me or ride part of it with me. One friend said she'd start with me and decide at mile 75 when we passed her side of town if she wanted to continue. She continued too! Another friend tracked our location and hopped on for about 30 miles, and yet another opened her house up for an ice water refill and restroom use. I ate literally all day long, which helped me finish strong. My legs felts good, my neck was definitely sore by the end since I'm used to being able to sit up on the trainer for short bits to stretch my neck. Welcome back to the great outdoors! Thank you, BaseCamp, I couldn’t have done it without you. Onward!


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